Treatments & Prices

A typical full body treatment lasts for 2 hours but can be reduced to one and a half hours if you wish. The massage is clothed and takes place on a mat on the floor. We also offer massage during pregnancy, a 50 minute back, neck and shoulder massage, and a one hour Thai Foot Massage. We recommend you bring comfortable clothing to wear.

Thai Yoga Massage:

Every Thai Yoga Massage is tailored to each person’s individual needs and can either be relaxing or energizing. The therapist works with hands, elbows and feet using palming and thumbing techniques combined with acupressure, passive stretching and applied yoga. Our training included learning oil techniques for the neck and back (done at the end of the massage), which are especially good for alleviating pain and stiffness in the back and neck area. You may chose to end your Thai Yoga Massage with oil on the back and neck.

50 minute back, neck and shoulder massage (with oil):

This short treatment is an easy way to bring relief to some of the most tense parts of our bodies. We always recommend a full body treatment as the best option for lasting change and deep bodywork, but if you are restricted by time and money this is a great way to relax after a long day or week. It is also a wonderful introduction to aspects of Thai Yoga Massage if you have never experienced it before. The treatment includes acupressure through the clothes, some stretches and a deep oil massage.

Thai Yoga Massage during pregnancy:

This massage is especially adapted for pregnant women. It can be done from the 3rd month of pregnancy up to the last month of pregnancy; it is absolutely safe and done entirely with the receiver lying on her side or leaning on a beanbag to ensure the comfort of the mother and the safety of the baby, while still allowing us to give a thorough and complete treatment.

Thai Yoga Massage for two:

A beautiful way to experience a Thai Yoga Massage with your partner or a friend, this is simply a way to simultaneously receive a treatment in the same room, and can be a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion.

Thai Foot Massage:

A special treat for tired feet. This one hour treatment combines acupressure techniques and oil techniques to give a thorough and pampering treatment for the feet and lower legs.

 Two hours: 80 €

One and a half hours: 65 €

50 minute back, neck and shoulder massage: 35 €

One hour Thai Foot Massage: 40 €

Additional transport costs will be charged for home visits.